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Doc Brown the Inventive Years

Doc Brown the Inventive Years
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The Institute of Future Technology Presents - Doc Brown: The Inventive Years. Thomas Edison once said that invention is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration and no one has proven this thoery better than Dr. Emmett Brown. Though Doc is best known for his advances in time travel, the years before his development of the DeLorean Time Machine were perhaps his most fruitful.


Doc churned out many inventions with a wide range of practical application - some that worked and some that didn't. One of Doc's earliest creations was this automatic flap-jack flipper, capable of producing over 300 pancakes an hour, this mechanical marvel might have caught on if Doc's experimental saw-dust pankace batter had been more popular.


Looks like it's supper time for Fido, nope Mom's just loading up the canine cafeteria, Doc knows that the busy housewife or scientist isn't always around when it's feeding time. Wake up boy, Fido doesn't seem to mind Doc's experimental saw-dust dog food.


We all know that a trip to the barber can be a hair-raising experience, and that's especially true with Doc's static-o-matic electric hair chair. 200,000 volts of static electricity cause the hair to stand up, making it much easier to cut. Can this process damage your hair? "Absolutely not" - insits Doc Brown, "I've been using it for years and look at my hair!"


See Doc's dynomatic spray-gun to bronze your children's shoes, or bronze your wife's hat - how stylish. Or bronze you cousin's face. Whoops! Don't try this at home! The Dyno-matic spray-gun - the perfect holiday gift idea. These are just a few of the phenominal technological advances pioneered by Dr. Emmett Brown. Scientist, Inventor and Founder of the Institute of Future Technology.


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