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Greetings from Doc Brown

Greetings from Doc Brown
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Doc Brown: Ha Ha! It works! Greetings Volunteers. Doc Brown here! Ahhhhh! I am currently traveling down the Hill Valley skyway in the year 2015.  Soon I will return to the institute to send you one whole day through time. But First, There seems to be a small problem. Listen up volunteers - this concerns you. The current wherabouts, or should I say whenabouts of Biff Tannen are unknown. It seems he's missing from the year 1955. I dont know how or why this could be, but if Biff is allowed to roam freely throught time, it could skew history as we know it ......Whooaaaoooh!


Doc Brown: Watch where you're Hovering, I'll be back soon time travel volunteers, and remember: Stay Alert, Hoooo!



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