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Biff to the Future

Biff to the Future
Back to the Future...The Ride
The Institute of Future Technology
Greetings from Doc Brown
Doc on the March
Doc's Message
Doc Brown the Inventive Years
IFT's Invention's
Biff on the Loose
The Ride Sequence

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Doc Brown: Bear with me volunteers, it looks like Biff did more damage than I thought.

IFT Receptionist: Now Please stand by for an important message from the institutes" Chief Inventive

Officer Dr. Emmett Brown.


Doc Brown: Now that you're here time travel volunteers I can give you your pre-flight briefing, there's alot you'll need to know if you're to successfully cross the space-time continuum, we'll have to hurry though with Biff still on the loose anything could happen! Huuuhhh!

Biff: Hello? Hello?! Dr. Brown. Hahahaha.

Doc Brown: Biff, how in blazes did you get in here?

Biff: Why don't you ask these bozos?

Gaurd 2: Doc, one of our time travel teams was conducting an experiment back in 1955.

Gaurd 3: He must have stowed away!!

Biff: Hey, I'm not one to pass up a free ride!

Doc Brown: Tannen! You shouldn't be here in the present, we've got to get you back to 1955 or we could create a major paradox!

Biff: Oh don't worry Doc, I'll go back! And in style. But First I'm gonna take a little joyride.

Doc Brown: No!! Biff!!

Biff: I'd like to stay and chat Doc, I just don't have the time...what am I saying? I got all the time I want!

Doc Brown: Unlock these Gates Tannen!


Biff: Astalabyebye!
Doc Brown: Nooo!!! Stooooppp! He's got the DeLorean, this is terrible, he's gonna alter time, history as we know it will be completely obliverated, if he's not stopped we could...wait a second - ahh why didn't I think of this before?


Doc Brown: My newest invention the 8-passenger DeLorean time vehicle that it I'll just hop in it..Great Scott! What am I thinking? I'm trapped like a rat in my own office! There's no way I can get to the time machine. Wait a minute, I can't get to it but my time travel volunteers you and you and you, you're my only hope. The 8-passenger DeLorean is just beyond that door where you're standing.


Doc Brown:I can pilot it from my remote control from here, but I'm going to need you to help me navigate. You've got to catch Biff the fate of the entire Universe rests in your hands. Now try and relax while we go over a few final safety instructions.
IFT Receptionist: Here are a few safety instructions you should know before taking off.
Watch your head before you stead in the the time travel vehicle. Once in slide to the furthest seat. Adults: watch your head as the ceiling slopes down in the back. Remain seated the safety restraint will be activated by on of Doc Brown's assistants. Keep your arms and legs away from the door. Take extra care that cameras and other personal belongings do not interfere with the safety restraint. No photography is permitted during the ride. And please no eating, smoking or drinking inside the time vehicle.


IFT Receptionist: We ask that you follow these simple safety tips on your journey across the space-time continuum, enjoy your flight.

Doc Brown: I almost forgot, in order to bring Biff back to our time period it is necessary to accelerate up to 88MPH and bump him that's right bump him. The impact between two travelling time vehicles will create a time vortex sucking both time vehicles and passengers back to their original point of departure.


Doc Brown: There's no telling where or when Biff may be leading us so be prepared for anything. Good Luck Time Travellers.


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