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Biff on the Loose

Biff on the Loose
Back to the Future...The Ride
The Institute of Future Technology
Greetings from Doc Brown
Doc on the March
Doc's Message
Doc Brown the Inventive Years
IFT's Invention's
Biff to the Future
The Ride Sequence

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IFT Receptionist [Darlene Vogel played Spike in Griff's Gang in 2015]: It seems we are experiencing a sytems failure in our security check. Time Travel Volunteers please stand by Doc Brown will be with you in just a moment and we will begin preperation for our journey one day into the future. The uh new 8-passenger DeLorean is currently running it's pre-time travel systems checks so please stand by.


Einstein: [Barking at a television that has Biff on it]

Doc Brown: Einie!

Biff: Ha Ha Ha! [Smash!]


Doc Brown: What's that Einie? You see somethi...huuuhhh!!!! Great Scott, it seems we have an intruder alert. All sectors report in immediately. Quadron 1 checkin.
Quadron 1: Locked and Secured Doc.
Doc Brown: Level Two Check in.
Level Two: Locked and Secured Doc.
Doc Brown: Section 3 check in.
Section 3: Locked and Secured Doc.
Doc Brown: Zone 4 check in. Zone 4 do you copy? I'm a Butthead?! Jumpin Jigowatts it's Biff!! I'm sorry folks but we're currently experiencing an unprecidented debilitation of our security systems, in other words: We got problems! There's only one trouble maker who can throw a monkey wrench into works like this: Biff Tannen - Juvenile delinquent, graduated Hill Valley High School class of 1955, 1955?!


Doc Brown: There's something very strange going on around here, at any rate stay alert. If Tannen gets his hands on some of the equipment around here at the institute it could mean the end of the very universe as we know it! Anyway...enjoy the rest of your visit.


Automatic Dog Food: Chow Time. Chow Time. Chow Time. Chow Time. Chow Time. Chow Time.

Biff: Hello? Anybody Home, huh? What are you lookin at butt-head? Wait a second, you're the suckers Doc Brown conned into his time travel experiment, you know some of Doc Brown's guinea pigs never make it back. Hahahaha. I'm not sayin you shouldn't volunteer, I just hope the Doc's makin it worth your while, If it was me I'd throw some cash you're way but hey I'm a generous guy. Come to think of it maybe I can make it worth your while. That is if you help me find Doc Brown's time machine. You know the flying DeLorean. What's the matter you chicken?


Doc Brown: Whew! I had to check there for a second, now if my assumption is correct Biff must have entered the complexy diabolically disguised as one of you. Now it's not your fault but I'd check your neighbour or loved one if I were you. And remember: Biff can be quite persuasive but don't listen to him! At the present time we are scouring every inch of the institute with a fine tooth comb, so it's only a matter of time before we catch that juvenile delinquent.

Gaurd 1: Hey you! See any suspiscous looking characters around here?

Biff: Uh no sir. It's been quiet as a rat. Just repairin this security camera incase anyone does show up.

Gaurd 1: Well okay, you just keep your eyes peeled, I here this guys a real nutcase.

Biff: Nutcase?!

Gaurd 2: Well ,what about you people any sign of trouble? No, well keep a look-out this guy's a real jerk!

Biff: Ha, they call this security? Gimme a break, there's no way Doc Brown's gonna stop me now. Excuse me, I gotta finish my repair work, hahahahhahahah.


Doc Brown: Even though we have little security problem on our hands we must prepare you for temporal-displacement, that's time travel to you. Now, it's crucial that I spend a little time going over the basics of time travel, perhaps this demonstration will suffice. Figuring out the space-time continuum is tricky business, believe me I know! And that's why I developed this, my ultimate scientific acheivement, the new 8-passenger DeLorean time vehicle. It's faster, more energy efficient and it's convertible. I figure if you know what the weather is going to be like in the future why not just time travel to the sunny days? Whether it's an intergenerational carpool or a quadruple date through time this baby's got it.


Doc Brown: But, it's only for those who take time travel very seriously and that means you! But, remember this is all top secret, with Tannen on the loose we can't afford to take any chances. See What I mean?!

Biff: Have a nice trip, see you next winter! Hahahah!

Gaurd 1: It's fall you idiot! See you next fall!


Doc Brown: I assure you this is hardly business as usual around here at the institute. A mere fluke, our security system is virtually inpenitrable, it'll take more than a hoverboarding hood to pull the plug on this operation! Huuuhh!
Biff: Hahahha!
Doc Brown: Darn, Darn, Darn!


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