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IFT's Invention's

IFT's Invention's
Back to the Future...The Ride
The Institute of Future Technology
Greetings from Doc Brown
Doc on the March
Doc's Message
Doc Brown the Inventive Years
Biff on the Loose
Biff to the Future
The Ride Sequence

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Doc Brown: Greetings Time Travel Volunteers, it's me Doc Brown. Any sign of Biff? No, good. Now before I send you on your journey through time, I have a few things to show you, here at the Institute for Future Technology we've made some of the most technological advances the world has ever seen! Such as the self-propelled energy-saving suc-o-matic vacuum cleaner - powered by the very dust it picks up. Still needs work! Now look at this, ordinary manure right? But wait, thanks to my hyrda-waste fuel conversion sytem, what was once manure is now a clean fuel pellet. One pellet can heat an entire home for an entire winter. There's only one problem.


Doc Brown: This however will virtually revolutionize inter human communication by harnesing the electro-magnetic impulses created by synaps-disponses from both the cerbral-malbestare mind waves are transmitted at a mind obitting rate into the ciruitry here. Thus tranlating these words into wirrten form, in other words in reads your mind. After years of tinkering and fine tuning it's finally perfected, the deep-thinking min reading helmet! The Ultimate thinking cap! A penny for my thoughts.[Work please work! C-mon Baby Work!!]


Doc Brown: Which brings me to my crowning acheivment - the new experimental 8-passenger DeLorean time travel vehicle. It's this baby that will send you across the space-time continuum one day into the future.




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