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The Ride Sequence

The Ride Sequence
Back to the Future...The Ride
The Institute of Future Technology
Greetings from Doc Brown
Doc on the March
Doc's Message
Doc Brown the Inventive Years
IFT's Invention's
Biff on the Loose
Biff to the Future

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Doc Brown: Hurry up get ready, don't worry about a thing you're in good hands, oops I still haven't
worked out all the bugs in this thing. But no matter we're on a mission of universal proportions.

IFT Receptionist: Doc Biff has passed throught the space-time continuum but we've got no way of knowing
where he is.

Doc Brown: You mean when he is. And we do have a way of knowing when he is the new 8-passenger time vehicle is equiped with a sub-heater time tracking scanner which will allow us to track Biff to his precise moment in whatever time period he may have travelled. 

IFT Receptionist: Doc all pre-launch systems checks are complete.

Doc: That's our cue, hang on to you hats.

Doc Brown: Dont forget, when you see Biff in the DeLorean, Accelerate 88 Miles Per Hour and bump him! Accelerating now at 55 Miles Per Hour 65, 75, 85, 88 Miles Per Hour!


Doc Brown: Hill Valley in the year 2015, there's Biff let's get him!

Biff: Whoa, Whoa Doc Brown!

Doc Brown: There's Biff! Let's Get him! Okay Time Travellers - Now's Our Chance!

Biff: Yeah thats What You Think...Whoa, Got to get some gas Doc!


Biff: Ha Ha! Im Up Here Doc! Going Down!

Doc Brown: Down!

Biff: Going Up!

Doc Brown: Down No, Up!

Biff: Going Down! Going Up!

Doc Brown: Down!


Biff: Youre a little low. Ha, Ha, Ha

Doc Brown: We Got Him Now! O.K. Lets

Biff: Hey Doc,

Doc Brown: Great Scott!

Biff: Here's my new house, you like it?

Doc Brown: Go Up! Turn Left! Look Out!

Biff: Ha Ha, I can fly circles around you buttheads!

Biff: Going Up!

Biff: Watch for traffic Doc. Haha

Doc Brown: I Think We Got Him, Full Speed! Faster!


Biff: Come On Doc, Bump Me! Sucker!

Doc Brown: Biff Got Away!


Doc Brown: Looks like were heading a million years back in time, thats Hill Valley below us in the ice age!


Biff: Back Again? Well come On In!

Doc Brown: Pull Up, Pull Up!

Biff: Kaboom!

Doc Brown: Hill Valley High's Buttheads, Jump a snow!

Doc Brown: Give It up Tannen, Before this crevase starts, Oh My!

Biff: Whoo!

Doc Brown: Avalanche!

Biff: Oh, This is scaring you huh?

Biff: See you later, Take Care!


Doc Brown: Blast - the engines dead, uh oh, everybody lean back hold on, no lean Wait!, Wait!, Hold On!.... Come On Baby! Start! Yahoo! We're going backwards! Doc Brown: Hang In There Volunteers, Theres Biff, hes heading for that Volcano!


Biff: Look Buttheads, Ha Ha, Hey you guys dont know when to give up do you?

Doc Brown: Prepare yourselves people, I suspect the primeval of Hill Valley we are about to enter could be a pretty rough place!

Biff: Hello, Anybody home? Huh? Hello?

Doc Brown: Great Scott its the Dinosaur; Its a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Biff: Hello?!

Doc Brown: Look Out!

Biff: Come On, Come On Gramps Right This Way, Now Sic em.

Doc Brown: Great Scott!!


Biff: Calm Down, calm down big fellow easy boy, easy boy, Hey! I'm Hit, I'm Hit.
Doc Brown: I Know Biff.....What in blazes!, Watch Those Jaws, ahh, Look Out! Weve been swallowed!


Doc Brown: There he goes!
Biff: Doc, Doc my flux capacitor's out Doc help me, help! Hey Please Doc Help Me! Help! Doc Im entering for a waterfall, its a LAVA fall please Doc help me! Please Bump Me!
Doc Brown: Hang On Biff! Come on, Accelerate 88-Miles Per Hour And Bump Him!
Biff: AHH!


Doc Brown: We've bumped him!


Doc Brown: The impact between the two vehicles will send up straight back to the institute!


Biff: Doc Brown, You saved my life, Buttheads! Get your meat hooks offa me!

Doc Brown: You Did It! Not Only did you catch Biff and save the Universe, but you've proved my latest invention is a success! Go forth time travelers and remember the future is what you make it!

Announcer: Please Lift Lap Bar And Exit

Doc Brown: Hurry up; get out before you meet yourself coming in!



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